I had the amazingly fun task of being the one-man force behind Microsoft's creative concept for an upcoming conference called NTC (Nonprofit Technology Conference) that occurred between March 23-25, 2017. The overall theme of #17NTC is “under the big top” or a circus theme.  My team decided to loosely align to that by offering an arcade full of old school video games like PacMan, Space Invaders, and pin ball – every good circus/fair has an arcade!  In total, I created 5 poster designs, a 3d rendering model of the space, 3 pull-up banners, 2 overhead banner signs,  4 column wrap designs, and 6 individual tweets.
In collaboration with Jill Tennant, Chris Broman and Aditya Bajaj
3D Spatial Mockup Rendering

Poster Design (5)

Pixel Character Column Wrap

Social Media Tweets

Final Event Design
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