I was tasked with leading the redesign of the Microsoft Philanthropies homepage in collaboration with fellow designer Jacob Greif. Why are we redesigning the homepage? The problem with the initial MS homepage was that our audience wasn't able to understand what we, as Microsoft Philanthropies, do or what our vision is upon visiting the homepage. Another major issue was that users had difficulty reaching internal pages as they were getting lost within the design, leading to a decrease in traffic to some pages. Jacob and I wanted to create more of a narrative within the flow so that as users scrolls through the page, they get an "informational as well as informative full body experience" through a combination of imagery, visuals, and data points. As the user scrolls down, animated data points will appear, highlighting specific stats on our contributions. Towards the bottom of each designated "story," there is a button that gives the option of leading to a fly-out blurb (based off of Getmwf)

The general flow of the design is supposed to identify:
1. What the problem is
2. How we are going to solve it
3. What we have proven
4. The changemakers that are involved
5. How you can get involved

Desktop Wireframes


Interior Pages
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