Matter was an award-winning online publication acquired by that focuses on innovative and agenda-setting storytelling. This unconventional digital platform transcends the limitations of journalism through a web and mobile experience used to effectively communicate groundbreaking stories. Below are several stories I worked on during my time on the team. 

A Grid of Selected Stories
Optimized for both Facebook and Twitter cover images
A grid of selected stories optimized for both Facebook and Twitter cover images

The $124,421 Man
How to pay off a mountain of student debt in six (long) years
By Chadwick Matlin

View the article here

BuzzFeed's Jonah Peretti Goes Long
The media mogul (twice over) on being both contagious and sticky
By Felix Salmon
Commissioned neon light photographed and animated by me

Every Person Killed in the Gaza Conflict
Five ways to visualize the human toll

View article here

You & Me on a Sunny Day
A photographer and his elderly neighbor spent every Sunday for five years making
a haunting "non-motion picture" about love, loss, and breakfast

by Rocky McCorkle

View article here

The Terrifying True Story of the Garbage
That Could Kill the Whole Human Race

By Bucky McMahon
View article here

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