If you asked my friends from college about me, they'd probably tell you that I was a coffee addict and that I can be always found hanging out at local cafes. I've always wanted to have the opportunity to work on a project related to coffee and I finally got the chance! Downeast Coffee Roasters is perhaps one of the most successful locally roasted brands in the Rhode Island area. At the moment, they currently exist as as three separate sub-brands: Ocean Roasters, Downeast Roasters, and Excellent Coffee. Having recently rebranded, I've been tasked with expanding on their fresh new brand through production material.
"For six decades, Downeast Coffee Roasters has been independent. Independent from those who see coffee as another business, brand, or buzz word opportunity. We believe in what coffee can be. And should be. From farming to roasting, we craft coffee to offer you a timeless experience. An experience as honest and reliable as the sea. Or the sun. Or the farms and mountains it once grew on. For three generations, we’ve been owned and operated by the same family. Together, we source, roast, and craft coffee without compromise in Rhode Island. We are Downeast Coffee Roasters."
Visit their temporary site at downeastcoffee.com
In the process of building their real website—be on the lookout!
Business Cards
2.5 x 2.5" Airport Cards
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