HU IS JORDAN? I'm an award-winning graphic designer that hails from the rooted suburbs of Central Jersey. I grew up in America but the majority of my inspirations derive from Taiwanese culture and lifestyle. As a result, my passion lies in the utilization of storytelling as a curatorial platform to humanize brands and communicate on a larger scaleability. Currently, I am working a visual designer at Microsoft Philanthropies. On the other side of the spectrum, my other pastime includes being immersed in the music industry, collaborating with musicians. You can find a sample of my non-commercial work here.
Always on the lookout for exciting side projects and collaborating with pleasant, humble people!
Have something for me? Contact me at jhu@risd.edu ( RESUME AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST )
LINKS FOR YOU --> VSCO / Dribbble / Linkedin / Soundcloud 

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